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Engnbldr driving D/Gas Dragster

Engnbldr receiving 5th Gold Wrench Award

Engnbldr's "Oh Sh*t" he's in 05

engnbldr 69 Winter Nationals

Engnbldr tests cars (& SUV's)

Engnbldr's new ride (2003)  

Son Tod in #43 (Mr. Smooth)

#43 & The Grand Daughter

The Rocket Empire Team Portland 1990

Engnbldr's brother's truck

Mike Butts

Mike Butts

Mike Butts "kickin' butt"

Dave Hogue

Garrit McKee & Kyle (Iowa)

Garrit McKee

Out Front at PIR

Hey! We'll race anything

Curtis' truck

Curtis graphic

Jim's dragster

Ron's dragster

Just Testing

Dallas "Rocket Boy"



Tommy Littlestump

Nathan "ouch"

Nathan "take off"

Nathan "way up there"

Nathan's engine (Very nice)

Nathan's engine

Nathan's engine again

Mike Baldwin

#0 & #00 Both Champions at Portland  

#1 Also a Portland Champion

#15 Also a Portland Champion  

#40 Another Portland Champion

Paul (they drive them to my house for repairs)

Marc's Valiant

Marc's Valiant Motor 

Todd's new truck

Nice job Derek

Derek's "Flatbed"  

Bill, Margie, and Son

Some Reno memories

engnbldr wins a car

*eb, Darrin and Kathie

Darrin "grabbing for cash"

*eb and the "girls"


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