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Slowly but surely, we are getting back into service.  Sorry for the shutdown, but as always, family comes first.   Medical issues left us no other option but to cease operations for awhile.  That has required a complete revamping and relocating of operations.

We have the popular RV cams for the 20R, 22R, 22RE and turbo TOYOTA engines back in production now. 
The popular 261C/CRAWLER is the first run completed and are offered here and on EBAY  if you prefer. 
FREE USA shipping when purchased here via PAYPAL.

ALL of our popular RV cams are BRAND NEW,  no messing around shipping cores back and forth.
THANKS for your patience, we are trying.  Still LOTS to do to get everything back up and running.
*EB     engnbldr@engnbldr.com

261C/Crawler (261degree / .410")...........$124.90

268C/Torker (268 degree / .425")............$124.90

270/430H/O (270 degree / .430")......Temporarily SOLD OUT

If you are ready to purchase, you may email us, or click the link below.