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There comes a time for all of us when we have to decide what is best.  For the last 23 years it has been our pleasure to serve the automotive needs of so many of you in the early Toyota community,  and we are blessed to have made literally thousands of friends.

But, I am 74 now, and will be 75 in just a few weeks.  It is time, so my wife and I choose to retire. 

The popular RV cams for the 20R, 22R, 22RE and turbo TOYOTA engines will still be in production, we are turning that portion over to the company that has produced them for us for all of these years. 

The company is REDLINE CAM & CRANK, right here in OREGON, USA.

If you would like one of the designs we have offered, like the 261C/Crawler, the 268C/Torkr, or the 270/430H/O, just give them a call at 541-967-4187, or email Bill at redlinealbany@yahoo.com.

Another nice thing about the change, is that Redline can make ANYTHING you might like, he has profiles for Datsuns, Geo's, Chevies and Fords, you name it, he can make it.

 Again, thank you all so much for all of your support for all of these years!!

*EB & LE'

Contact REDLINE CAM and CRANK for a cam to fit YOUR needs!!

261C/Crawler (261degree / .410").....

268C/Torker (268 degree / .425")....

270/430H/O (270 degree / .430")

PLEASE do not use the buy now link below  for cams, contact Bill at redline, 541-967-4187